Picking the Team

VA Implementation

Picking the Team

PPC implementation relies on selecting individuals that can work together as a team in the chosen clinical setting.  A mix of the three categories below is essential.

  • Passionate about honoring Veteran preferences and choice
  • Able to serve as effective leaders and command respect among the workforce
  • Works closely with the frontline staff and patients
  • Has basic knowledge in quality improvement and PDSA skills
  • Eager to develop their practice and incorporate new approaches
  • Persons have interest in PPC training
  • Should have working knowledge of clinical setting and team meetings
  • Have agency and are respected to provide patient information to those who make a difference
  • Can also be Champions (above)
  • Diversity of clinical / personal backgrounds is preferred
    • Physical therapy; Occupational Therapyl Recreational Therapy; Speech Therapy
    • RN Clinic Managers; Resident Care Manager; Minimum Data Set RNs
    • Social Workers
    • Chaplains
    • MD or ARNP Providers (or trainees)
    • Whole Health Coaches
    • Psychologists, LPNs
    • Physician Assistants
    • Pharmacists
  • Willing to ‘protect’ time necessary to develop new process and PPC training
  • Support modifications to workflow and adaptations to documentation
  • Willing to balance strategic priorities and are dedicated to person-centered Whole Health Clinical Care and Age-Friendly Systems of Care

Discuss Veteran’s Health Priorities with them, starting with the One thing, to determine actions needed to achieve their health goals.

  • Document Veteran’s Health Priorities in CPRS and tag the relevant providers to the Veteran’s care
  • Document the informed decisions about medications started or stopped; self-management tasks started or stopped, referrals ordered, diagnoses, procedures, etc..