PPC Templates and EHR Tools

VA Implementation

PPC Templates and EHR Tools

This provides a concise and consistent way to document the 5 core elements to identifying patient priorities: values, health outcome goals, symptoms and preferences and the ‘one thing’ to guide care alignment.

Templates for CPRS can be obtained by requesting TXML file from Puget Sound CAC Team by emailing PatientPrioritiesCare2@va.gov.

Templates can be used in most settings and by most clinical providers trained in PPC. Depending on your clinical workflow, elements of the Health Priorities Note can be inserted into it’s own “Health Priorities Note” title in CPRS or other existing note titles (i.e. outpatient extended care).

Utilizing the Health Priorities Note title and template in CPRS will maintain consistency with documentation, capture PPC-Health Factors (HF), preserves the fidelity of the comprehensive approach and makes the conversation more identifiable in the health record.

Developed to help capture 4Ms work, this template can serve as a ‘plug-in’ template added to any note title/template, including the Health Priorities Note. We recommend utilizing this as a way to offer recommendations for the alignment of care based on the facilitated conversation and could be added at the end of your Health Priorities Note, primary care visit or consultation.

A pen and paper worksheet to help prime PPC conversations to be completed by the Veteran.  An adapted tool can be found here