Expert Trainers/Emerging Leaders

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Expert Trainers / Emerging Leaders

  • Tele-mentoring training : This workshop series provides clinicians with the skills and experience to implement the Patient Priorities Care approach in in older, medically complex Veteran. Participation in this event can help you in your skills to elicit and act on What Matters using the PPC approach. An additional session is available to individuals who want to teach Patient Priorities Care to trainees or other practicing clinicians.
    • The series will be on alternating (every other week) Tuesdays at 2pmET/1pmCT/12pmMT/11amPT for a total of 6 sessions, with the option of a 7th session for educators.
    • Register at the following link HERE
    • For more information about the series and dates please contact: Kiefer, Lea
  • The PPC proficiencies can be used to gauge a person’s level of training and ability conducting PPC conversations – Coming Soon
  • For the latest News and Events about training events, visit: News & Updates – Patient Priorities Care